Store Closing 50% off until May 31st

Time for a change of focus…

Scrapbooking was a hobby that I took up with a passion around 10 years ago, firstly paper, then digi for myself, then as a store CT, for a couple of Designers personal CT and finally as a Designer myself.
It was never meant to be a full blown business, but this hobby like most things that I do “full-on” has consumed so much of my time lately, that it has sadly become a chore. So I need a break, to explore other creative hobbies.

I’ve got so many half finished projects (most of them over 10 years old – so no-longer in fashion – but I know if I wait long enough they will be again LOL),  knitting, crochet, beading, pergamono, caligraphy, sewing, popup cards, quilling, cross stitch cards) stashed in boxes, envelopes and icecream containers, under spare beds, in spare wardrobes and sheds, not to mention those still hatching in my head LOL. And then there’s Pinterest too, no amount of spare time can let you keep up with what’s out there!!

So my Store is closing … you can snag all my kits for 50% off until May 31st.

I know I will miss the “No Mess” of digi and there is every chance that I will`get the bug again.

So thanks for your support and encouragement over time and to my wonderful CT who have displayed my kits with their wonderful layouts!

In the mean time I will continue to offer freebies on my blog, facebook and newsletter – so follow me!!

Sue : )

Sue – doinDigitalDigital Scrapbooking Kits & QP’s
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